Ramblings – It’s all in the process

Hello, hello!

Recently I have been trying to find ‘my style’ with my work. I often feel overwhelmed by the number of ideas I have in my head & sometimes, once I complete a project, I’m not sure it’s entirely ‘my style’.

In April I started a 100 Day Project (I’ll write a full blog about this soon!) & decided to focus on ‘having fun’ & trying to remove the fear I have with drawing. When drawing I feel I have to get it right the first time, which is insane & I am not the most confident when drawing as I think I’m shit (soz, but it’s true!).

I set my prompt for the project as doodles. I chose doodles as I felt it would leave me enough wiggle room to let go & draw, no strings attached & no fear of failing because it wasn’t for anything other than me.

I’m not quite finished with the project yet (I fell a little behind) but so far I have discovered I love drawing plants, harbours & cottages. I love simple lines & go over my pencil with a fine-liner pen.

Although I am willing to accept that my style is likely evolve over time, I feel the project helped me hone in on my busy head of ideas and get ‘something’ on paper. I feel more comfortable with just having a play & some of the doodles have already made their way into my prints!

I will do a post soon with a selection of my doodles & write a lot more on the subject of doing something for 100 days!


Catch you soon!

Elise x