Keep going screen print

Creative Slump


Anyone else finding this weather is stifling their creative juices? I know I am!

These past few weeks my head has been filled with ideas and inspiration, but with no action attached to it…

It’s not lack of ideas per se, it is the lack of action I have attached to my ideas which is peeing me off. I just can’t seem to motivate myself to put my ideas into action lately, I am hoping it is a phase & I will get over myself & get on with it!

Maybe I am just overwhelmed by the ideas & have the ‘fear’… Anyway I am off to go & put some of my brainwaves into action, & have a cuppa to get the creative juices flowing… hopefully! Wish me luck.

Selection of handmade prints by The Messy Creative

Thanks for reading the waffle, as always!

E x