Linocut – The new design trend

It is well known that I am a super trendy human being. I use the word trendy so I must be right?! (my husband would be dying of laughter right now reading this…)

Anyway I just came across this great blog post all about the new design trend… Linocut! Well the graphics and effects anyway… As you may be aware I LOVE linocutting and most of my work is centred around the technique; carving the lines, inking the plate & the print reveal are all part of the fun!

Lino cut of Limpets

This blog post was lovely to read and has some great pointers, techniques and history behind linocut. Artists such as Picasso used the technique as it was an affordable way to print editions and reach a wider audience with your art.

If you fancy learning more about lino & how to get the effect with computer tools & brushes I recommend giving it a read.

Keep creating lovely people!

Elise x