Gin print

New print & the process

Hello all!

Apologies for being a little AWOL recently, I’ve had a lot of things going on in life but things are starting to get back to normal(ish) now and I thought it was time for another post.

Over the past month I’ve been slowly working on a new print design to go alongside the drinks series, it was inspired by a Pink G&T and I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results! You can find them here.







The process behind this print was a slightly lengthy one, so I thought I’d tell you a little about it.

Like all my lino prints the design starts as a simple pencil drawing, which I trace and transfer* onto a rubber lino block. I then go over the design in a marker pen so it doesn’t rub off so easily & get carving.

As this piece had various colours I needed to print the outline of the glass first in order to get an accurate shape for the colour which would go inside. I then carved this shape out  of another lino piece. The lime wedges and berries are also carved separately, each layer is printed individually and left to dry for a couple of days before printing the next colour to avoid colour blurring. I hope you can see why it took my almost a month to complete! 

I hope you found this post insightful into how my prints are made. I love the intentional nature of lino printing, it is a slow but rewarding process.

*Transfer is basically flipping the tracing paper over and re-drawing over it – very technical practice!

100 day project 1st image

Ramblings – Do something for 100 days


I promised this post for you all, you are so so lucky…

This year (back in April!) I decided to join the 100DayProject on Instagram to challenge myself to just get doodling.  

The project is set up by Elle Luna and Lindsay Thomson (you can read more here) and is designed to encourage you to hone your skills through 100 days of practice.

I decided to go with doodling as I didn’t want to overwhelm myself and I thought it may help me get over my ‘fear’ of drawing! I tend to freeze when I see a blank page, much like when someone asks you to say ‘any word’ and you cannot think of a single one, this is what happens when I get out my sketchbook to do some ‘fun’ doodles… It is bullshit and I tell myself all the reasons why I am not good enough, that I’m an imposter and an overall idiot for thinking I can possibly be an artist!

Sooo I took creativity back into my own hands and thought ‘sod it!’ I’m going to draw for 100 days, I’ll hate some of it but that’s ok, do it for the process. I was trying to keep it light and fun and also trying not to pressure myself with it as this causes me to melt… I’m totally normal – honest!

I managed to complete the challenge, days I missed I caught up on & I can honestly say I enjoyed it! There were days when I thought I was mad for taking on so much but other days I would draw for a few hours, it was a bit of ebb & flow and that was ok.  I think I found out a bit about my style of drawing, what I like & dislike, what I am drawn to and what I am not.

I’ve included some of my favourite doodles from the project below!


E x


Little house - part of the 100 day project Beach huts - part of the 100 day project St Ives Island - part of the 100 day project Mousehole harbour - part of the 100 day project Various trees - part of the 100 day project



Lino cut print of a Sunflower and the lino block

Behind the Scenes – My Messy ‘Studio’


As some of you may know my ‘studio’ is actually one of our spare rooms in the house – it is small but it does the job. The room also houses my tumble dryer (a necessity in Cornish Winter, especially as we Airbnb) & also my husbands electric piano!

‘Fun’ story – he had been hinting he might want to play for a while so I brought him lessons for his 30th last year & the electric piano at Christmas. He’s kept it up and I love it when he plays when I am making a mess…

The desk in my space was an old corner desk in my dad’s office which he donated to me, I also made him install it for free because I’m a good daughter like that! I requested it to be put at waist height so I can print without having to stoop my back over my dining table, which meant he had to bodge some tall legs for me – The height is far more user friendly, especially for Printing, inking & storage.  

I thought it would be fun to show you a ‘before & after’ of my sorting out session at the weekend. I spent a whole day clearing the crap, sorting it out and moving around some furniture. I think the result is pretty bloody fantastic!

Clearing it out felt so satisfying, I feel far more creative and I actually know where everything is for once. I am naturally just a messy person & I have a tendency to get attached to things quickly making me a hoarder… however I knew I needed to make room in my space to be able to make some room in my head, does that make sense?

Anywho, that’s enough waffle from me! Here are the images – the first is just a horror show, ENJOY!

Workspace before cleaning it downWorkspace after cleaning it down








E x

Keep going screen print

Creative Slump


Anyone else finding this weather is stifling their creative juices? I know I am!

These past few weeks my head has been filled with ideas and inspiration, but with no action attached to it…

It’s not lack of ideas per se, it is the lack of action I have attached to my ideas which is peeing me off. I just can’t seem to motivate myself to put my ideas into action lately, I am hoping it is a phase & I will get over myself & get on with it!

Maybe I am just overwhelmed by the ideas & have the ‘fear’… Anyway I am off to go & put some of my brainwaves into action, & have a cuppa to get the creative juices flowing… hopefully! Wish me luck.

Selection of handmade prints by The Messy Creative

Thanks for reading the waffle, as always!

E x


Lino prints - harbour series

The ‘Harbour’ Collection


I just wanted to pop in and tell you all I’ve FINALLY managed to get my most recent Cornish Harbour prints listed on my Etsy shop.

I say finally because it has honestly taken me months, not only to get them designed, carved & printed, but to get them photographed & listed too! At least they’re out in the wild now, available to purchase & be positioned pride of place in your house!

Porthleven Harbour Lino Print

Lino prints - harbour series


I think this series will continue to grow over time so please do let me know if you have other suggestions for the series. I’m always on the look out for another adventure & sourcing inspiration.

E x

Ramblings – It’s all in the process

Hello, hello!

Recently I have been trying to find ‘my style’ with my work. I often feel overwhelmed by the number of ideas I have in my head & sometimes, once I complete a project, I’m not sure it’s entirely ‘my style’.

In April I started a 100 Day Project (I’ll write a full blog about this soon!) & decided to focus on ‘having fun’ & trying to remove the fear I have with drawing. When drawing I feel I have to get it right the first time, which is insane & I am not the most confident when drawing as I think I’m shit (soz, but it’s true!).

I set my prompt for the project as doodles. I chose doodles as I felt it would leave me enough wiggle room to let go & draw, no strings attached & no fear of failing because it wasn’t for anything other than me.

I’m not quite finished with the project yet (I fell a little behind) but so far I have discovered I love drawing plants, harbours & cottages. I love simple lines & go over my pencil with a fine-liner pen.

Although I am willing to accept that my style is likely evolve over time, I feel the project helped me hone in on my busy head of ideas and get ‘something’ on paper. I feel more comfortable with just having a play & some of the doodles have already made their way into my prints!

I will do a post soon with a selection of my doodles & write a lot more on the subject of doing something for 100 days!


Catch you soon!

Elise x

Inked up brayer ready for printing

Colour Mixing

Hello all!

I like sharing my processes here and thought today I would share a little about colour mixing.

For lino printing I use Caligo Safe Wash Inks and an extender or the oil to help it mix and roll easier. 

I think mixing the ink for lino printing is one of my favourite processes (after the therapy of carving the block!). Sometimes it goes wildly wrong and you end up with oodles of ink that you don’t know what to do with… but when you get it right there is something so satisfying about it and the sound of the first couple of rolls with the brayer (roller) is just delicious! – sexy right?

Finding the ‘perfect’ colour can be painstaking, especially if you are really indecisive like me, but I love mixing inks (it reminds me of making mud pies as a child!) and testing them out on little swatches of scrap paper.  

I recently managed to create the best blue/grey colour for my Harbour series, the feedback on my Insta post was great so I thought I’d write this post to share it my moment of genius!

A selection of tools used for linocut/block printing

I’ll keep you posted on the Harbour series…

What process do you love most about your craft? Let me know in the comments!

Elise x

A selection of tools used for linocut/block printing

Block Printing Resources

Here are some of my go to materials I use when making a block print. I tend to make blocks (or little stamps) for cards, wrapping paper and repeat pattern designs. It is a great way to start with lino printing and you can use the block or stamp in so many different ways!

  • Tracing paper – this is transferring your design onto the block as it has to be back-to-front to print the right way around!
  • Pencil
  • Sketch/design
  • Soft cut lino block – The size will depend on the size of your drawing/design
  • Carving tool
  • Scalpel/craft knife
  • Ink roller
  • Ink: my favourite is Caligo Safe Wash ink
  • Inking tray or a piece of sturdy glass.
  • Double sided tape
  • Wooden block the same size/slightly bigger than your design (I just use off-cuts!)
  • Fabric or paper to print onto

Handmade linocut print of Porthleven Harbour in Cornwall and the printing block