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Behind the Scenes – My Messy ‘Studio’


As some of you may know my ‘studio’ is actually one of our spare rooms in the house – it is small but it does the job. The room also houses my tumble dryer (a necessity in Cornish Winter, especially as we Airbnb) & also my husbands electric piano!

‘Fun’ story – he had been hinting he might want to play for a while so I brought him lessons for his 30th last year & the electric piano at Christmas. He’s kept it up and I love it when he plays when I am making a mess…

The desk in my space was an old corner desk in my dad’s office which he donated to me, I also made him install it for free because I’m a good daughter like that! I requested it to be put at waist height so I can print without having to stoop my back over my dining table, which meant he had to bodge some tall legs for me – The height is far more user friendly, especially for Printing, inking & storage.  

I thought it would be fun to show you a ‘before & after’ of my sorting out session at the weekend. I spent a whole day clearing the crap, sorting it out and moving around some furniture. I think the result is pretty bloody fantastic!

Clearing it out felt so satisfying, I feel far more creative and I actually know where everything is for once. I am naturally just a messy person & I have a tendency to get attached to things quickly making me a hoarder… however I knew I needed to make room in my space to be able to make some room in my head, does that make sense?

Anywho, that’s enough waffle from me! Here are the images – the first is just a horror show, ENJOY!

Workspace before cleaning it downWorkspace after cleaning it down








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